Pop Culture Time Machine Now Boarding!

Time Rewind is a fun, fast-paced, one-minute daily audio feature that celebrates history and popular culture. Since it premiered on radio stations across the U.S. in 2007, Time Rewind has taken listeners of all ages on a journey back in time to landmark and culturally defining events.

Executive producer and host David Mendel has compiled memorable sound bites, music tracks, commercials, themes and jingles that paint a vivid picture of each day in history. Time Rewind is the product of thousands of hours of research, fact-checking and an extensive audio library. 

David transports his listeners to simpler times, way before iPads, smartphones and satellite radio, when almost everyone read a newspaper, and LPs, 45s and cassette tapes lined the shelves of most American homes—the days when many took the ballgame and music with them to the beach and park in their transistor radios and boom boxes. David also treats his Time Rewind audience to trivia that intrigues and enlightens.


Description: d_mendel_smallGENERATIONAL CONTENT
Time Rewind is the product of David’s passion for history and pop culture and his writing and broadcast production expertise. It is a unique program that is instructional to younger generations, nostalgic to more mature listeners and entertaining to all. With a blend of content that references recognizable historic figures, events and entertainment milestones along with items you probably never knew, each episode sparks the imagination and builds a bridge to the past. David describes Time Rewind as “time travel for your mind.”

Description: d_mendel_smallEDUCATIONAL BENEFITS
Time Rewind isn’t just entertainment. The feature has also proven a valuable classroom tool that benefits students of communications/media arts, history, science and other studies. By incorporating Time Rewind in a variety of academic programs and projects, including those within Career and Technical Education (CTE), students and educators are making powerful connections to real-life applications. In addition, this entertainment-based learning vehicle offers multiple opportunities for cross-curricular teaching, media literacy as well as Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).

Description: d_mendel_smallDavid’s 30-plus-year communications career began in radio and extended into film and television before he transitioned to public relations. After graduating from Boston University’s College of Communication with a degree in broadcast journalism, David worked at all-news radio powerhouses WEEI in Boston and KTRH in Houston. In between, he served as news director, anchor, reporter and talk show host at stations in Massachusetts and Connecticut, filing stories of national interest for the CBS and ABC Radio Networks.

Description: d_mendel_smallDavid taught writing and video production courses at The Art Institute of Houston, and founded the Houston chapter of the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers. In addition to hosting and producing Time Rewind, David is public relations manager for the 31,000-member Houston Association of Realtors. To learn more about David’s professional experience, click the LinkedIn icon below.


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Time Rewind. It’s about time…

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