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The Very Best of Bobby Vee

Launching his career as a fill-in for the recently deceased Buddy Holly, Bobby Vee scored several pop hits during the early ’60s — that notorious period of popular music sandwiched between the birth of rock and roll and the rise of the British Invasion.

Experience Hendrix: The Best Of Jimi Hendrix

This 20-song distillation of Hendrix’s short but expansive career is a solid introductory look at the man who redefined the electric guitar for rock and roll: psychedelic rockers (“Purple Haze,” “Manic Depression”), out-of-this world blues (“Red House,” “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”), sensitive ballads (“The Wind Cries Mary,” “Castles Made of Sand”), plus “The Star Spangled Banner” from the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

Route 66

Every week from 1960 to 1964, CBS treated TV audiences to two things they loved the most: television drama and cars. Starring Martin Milner, George Maharis and later Glenn Corbett, this series presented the exciting adventures shared by a pair of good-natured friends as they drove their Corvette convertible across the country, traversing the celebrated highway known as Route 66.

The New York Times: Front Pages, 1851-2016

Worthy of any coffee table or the inquisitive mind of a history buff, enjoy this unique collection of 165 years of front-page news stories from The New York Times.

Greta Garbo: A Divine Star

In the male-dominated studio system, Greta Garbo wielded a power no other actress has ever possessed, before or since. Garbo called the shots, and when she decided that she was done with the whirlwind of life as Hollywood’s darling she withdrew completely, leaving her public begging for an encore that never came.

The Nutty Professor

Eddie Murphy plays no less than seven roles in this hilarious comedy about a genetics professor who experiments with his own fat-reducing serum. Co-starring Jada Pinkett Smith.